10 tips for a successful first day at your new job


Are you starting a new job soon? Well done on your success through the interview process and securing a new position! With your first day pending, it is normal to feel pressure to impress. This feeling is beneficial and will help you when you begin a new job, however, sometimes this can lead to anxiety. There are a few things you can do to reduce this to make your first day more enjoyable.

Here are 10 tips to ensure the first day at your new job is successful:

  • Plan your journey and, if you’re concerned, do a practice run. Will you be able to drive and, if so, where will you park? If you’re catching public transport make sure you calculate the time it takes (or over calculate!) and make sure you know the way. There is nothing worse than arriving in the city and not knowing what streets to take!
  • Prepare your elevator pitch. This is a 30-second introduction about you. Your new colleagues will want to know about your past – what have you studied and where have you worked? Be able to tell people what you’ll do in your new job. What is it about the role that you’re excited about?
  • Decide on your outfit. When you were at the office for interviews you will have seen the employees. What were they wearing? What do you think is suitable? If unsure, wear something similar to what you wore at your job interview; in time you will learn the culture and can dress to suit.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. This may be difficult as you may have a lot of thoughts running through your mind. Have a healthy meal, do some light exercise and go to bed at a reasonable hour.
  • Don’t take too much stuff! It’s not a good look to show up on day one with pictures of your pets, plants for your desk and your lolly jar. Take only what fits in your bag. Be prepared; take your banking, superannuation and tax details with you. You may need to provide these on the first day. It’s also wise to put your phone on silent.
  • Find out where the essentials are. It’s most likely this will happen during your orientation. Where are the kitchen, bathroom and the printer? Make sure you have the stationery you require and understand your computer – if you’re not shown, ask! Your new team will want you to feel welcome and will be happy to help.
  • Accept a lunch invitation. Madison, our HR Officer, says, ‘If you’re invited to lunch by your manager accept. This is your chance to start building a relationship and learn more about your new position.’ If your manager doesn’t ask you and your colleague does – go! It’s good to show that you’re keen to become part of the team. Madison adds, ‘This is a great opportunity to find out about the goals of the team and company.’
  • Listen, observe and take notes. When a new staff member joins our Student Services team, the manager James Degenhardt appreciates it when they actively listen and suss out the working environment. Take notes to show your interest in learning about your new job. Draw a diagram of where people sit and refer to it as needed.
  • Start determining who you need to know. Start building your network to ensure you can complete your tasks and have support when needed. Also take the time to learn the company structure. (P.S. It always pays to be nice to IT!)
  • Before leaving for the day say goodbye to everyone you met and thank them for their assistance.

Overnight, prepare yourself to respond to comments such as ‘You came back!’ Ensure you complete any forms you were given so you can return them the next day.

Did you find this article helpful? What are your biggest concerns about starting a new job? Let us know in the comments below.

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