7 tips to help you keep on track while studying


Are you falling behind your study schedule? Do you often plan to study but end up doing something else? Here are seven study hacks to keep you on schedule so that your career can start sooner.

1. Schedule study time
Put it in your diary, and plan your social events around this. Make sure all your family and friends know your schedule to prevent them tempting you away.

2. Keep tabs on your own progress
Although most courses have ways to help you, try to take ownership of your own studies. Think of your course as part of a job and approach it accordingly. Should circumstances cause you to fall behind, talk to your trainers as soon as possible to create a new schedule and a plan to get back on track.

3. Clarify your priorities
Where does completing your course sit? Remind yourself why you’re studying and keep reminding yourself. We often forget why we’re engaged in drawn out projects like studies so it’s easy to find more interesting things to do. Research has shown that many of those that drop out of studies find that the lack of that qualification holds them back later in their careers.

4. Get back on the horse after falling off
Don’t fall behind a few hours and think that’s ok, if you think like that you’ll continue to fall further and further behind. Things do pop-up, so if you miss a study session, make sure you re-schedule it so you catch up.

5. Interpret the concepts in your studies and relate them to areas in your life
For instance, Project Management isn’t so hard when you realise you’ve done it before! Have you organised a group to go to dinner, have you hosted a party, have you sold something on eBay? Once the concept makes sense to you, you can move on.

6. Self-discipline
Put up a ‘do not disturb’ sign, put your phone in another room, and disable emails while you focus on your studies. (You can schedule in breaks to check messages and Facebook.) It is well documented that our addition to tech is the biggest single contributor to students falling behind.

7. Break your schedule down and celebrate your wins
A little every day is better than planning big study blocks so set achievable goals and  celebrate getting to each.

Do you have other tips that will help fellow students? Share them in the comment section.

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