Assisting students achieve their career goals

By Kate Smith

Wondering what it’s like on the other side? What do our Trainers do each day to assist our students being their IT careers?

At Computer Power Institute we pride ourselves on the individual care which we provide to our students. We design our courses so that they put our students in a strong position to get a job in IT. Our team of Careers Consultants, Student Service Administrators, Instructors and Placement Consultants support students throughout their studies and work as a team, guiding them towards achieving their career goals.

Computer Power Institute help students develop the skills to work in an industry that is on the forefront of change in the modern world.

Students have the most interaction with our Academic team. Our Trainers are all qualified. Matt leads our Software Development Instructor team. He has a Diploma of Software Development and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I spoke to him about this position, what he enjoys about it and how his role is an important part in the development of our Software Development students.

Matt spends over 50% of his time assisting students as they work through their courseware. When responding to a student question, rather than just answering it, Matt likes to have a conversation and problem-solve with the student. Most times our students figure it out themselves. Matt enjoys when the students realise they’ve learnt something. He also works with students to develop their understanding of the more challenging programming concepts.

Matt spends the rest of the day checking student work, contacting students to stay in touch, and developing his understanding of new technologies through the review of our courseware. Technology moves fast and Matt regularly attends seminars, internal training sessions and reads about developments.

If you’re considering a career in software development, Matt says, ‘you need to have a real interest in engaging with new technologies, to relish the challenge presented by a tough problem, and to be able to successfully collaborate with others to arrive at solutions’.

Matt helps students develop quality applications. Certain modules throughout the Diploma of Software Development are associated with vendor certifications. Matt assists students as they acquire the knowledge required to successfully complete these certifications.

If you’d like a job in software, Matt advises that you learn all that you can about programming, learn a wide variety of languages, build up a portfolio of projects, and code, code, code!

Matt wants to let you know that learning how to program really hones your problem-solving skills. Most of all, it is a lot of fun!

Are you building your career port-folio? What have you showcased in it? Let us know in the comments.

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