Benefits to studying online

By Kate Smith

Are you thinking about studying online? Will online training suit you?

In education e-learning (electronic learning or online learning) refers to the use of modern technology, such as computers, digital technology, the internet and associated software and courseware. e-learning is designed to provide an engaging and productive online learning experience. In the past decade, online education has increased in popularity among students of all ages.

Benefits to studying online:

Study at home – this allows you to comfortably work through your diploma and not spend time travelling.

Learn at your own pace – unlike classroom based learning, students do not have to keep up with others, and will not lose interest as areas they have a good knowledge of are re-explained.

Study via a blended model – a mix of online and face-to-face learning. Many students study 85% online and come on campus about 15% of the time so they can talk to their instructor. They also find this helps keep them on schedule.

Flexibility – you can study anywhere there is a computer and access to the internet, and can create your study schedules around existing commitments.

Allows a more student-centred approach – because every we all have our own way of learning, studying online may help as you can ensures that material is completely understood before moving on to the next component.

Accessibility – you are able to access education providers, programs and courses which are not available in the area where they live.

Increased networking – online course often have facilities to talk with Instructors and peers, via online chat, phone, email and forums all over the world.

Are you studying online? What are the benefits? Do you agree with mine?

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