The real cost of mistakes in a resume


If you are applying for a role with a salary of, let’s say $60k (package) and you have written a 350-word application/covering letter and you divide 350 into the 60K … it means every word on that page has a potentially value of $171.42. Let’s have some fun with this 3 spelling mistakes – deduct…

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Success Story: I invested in learning to start my Web Development career

After secondary school I spent a year working as a warehouse store-person and forklift driver at Cubic solutions. This gave me time to think about what I wanted to pursue career-wise. I had many hobbies at the time and one of the largest was Information Technology. During secondary school I spent a lot of  time building or repairing personal…

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Success Story: The support from Computer Power assisted me on my rewarding journey

Josef Dendunnen

Hello, my name is Josef DenDunnen and this is my story. It all began in the end of April 2013 when I was busy working one afternoon, I received a phone call from Stuart Law after registering my interest with Computer Power Institute through the website, about two weeks later I sat the Entrance Assessment for the Networking…

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Four skills necessary in eLearning for employable students

Select for employment

Why do we offer online learning, why do we regularly call our students and why do we advise you to answer questions at a job interview with real life examples? As educators we often have a series of objectives to achieve: engage students, impart knowledge, develop their skills, and at the very end of the process, make…

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Steph’s dream is coming true! Four weeks employment at the ABC in the Technology Division.

Stephanie Butler

Stephanie Butler decided to pursue her dream to work in Networking in TV. She is now four weeks away from completing her Diploma of Networking, and as soon as she finishes, she’ll begin working at the ABC, having won the Women in Broadcast Technology Scholarship from the ABC Broadcast Network. This exciting opportunity was well…

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Cisco and Computer Power Institute enter into a ‘Global First’ Agreement.

By John Anderson The primary offering comprises theory and online lab simulations associated with the learning pathways for students to achieve their CCNA Certification. Computer Power Institute has met the quality assurance standards to deliver the Cisco Networking Academy Program through an e-campus (virtual) environment. The Cisco Networking Academy Program will provide Computer Power Institute…

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