Computer networking as a career path

Networking abstract

Technology and the constant advances in technology are changing the way we live and work. Computer networking is an engineering discipline that aims to study and analyse the communication process among various computing devices or computer systems that are linked, or networked, together to exchange information and share resources. Computer networking depends on the theoretical…

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Computer Networking the engine that runs the Internet


Who runs the World? Computer Networkers Do… Let’s take the simple example of accessing or sharing your information with your friends. Photos, email, messages etc. one of the most common task which people around the globe perform daily life. Now imagine if this sharing was done manually. It would be a time-consuming process and in…

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The real cost of mistakes in a resume


If you are applying for a role with a salary of, let’s say $60k (package) and you have written a 350-word application/covering letter and you divide 350 into the 60K … it means every word on that page has a potentially value of $171.42. Let’s have some fun with this 3 spelling mistakes – deduct…

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Cisco and Computer Power Institute enter into a ‘Global First’ Agreement.

By John Anderson The primary offering comprises theory and online lab simulations associated with the learning pathways for students to achieve their CCNA Certification. Computer Power Institute has met the quality assurance standards to deliver the Cisco Networking Academy Program through an e-campus (virtual) environment. The Cisco Networking Academy Program will provide Computer Power Institute…

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IT professionals are in high demand!

By Kate Smith Do you want a job with great career opportunities and benefits? Then you should you consider IT! Today, according to, there are nearly 12,000 jobs advertised in the Information and Communication Technology industry. Over the past year, this figure hasn’t altered much as businesses continue to struggle to find skilled IT professionals…

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Benefits to studying online

By Kate Smith Are you thinking about studying online? Will online training suit you? In education e-learning (electronic learning or online learning) refers to the use of modern technology, such as computers, digital technology, the internet and associated software and courseware. e-learning is designed to provide an engaging and productive online learning experience. In the past…

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GovHack, four questions answered

By Kate Smith Computer Power employees and students are excited to be involved in GovHack each year. Are you looking for an opportunity to work with government data to innovate and create? 1) What is a Hackathon? At Hackathons teams comprising of general IT enthusiasts, programmers, designers and project managers come together to solve a problem. Teams develop…

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