Why are you the best person for the role?


To be successful, you need to be prepared. Meaning: do your research. Find out as much as you can about the organisation you are applying too / having an interview with: it’s history, corporate culture, competitors, future plans. Think about and plan for what kinds of interview questions might you be asked?  What skills, experience and qualities…

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Stand apart from other candidates

Hi everyone, We wanted to share something with you. Last week a number of staff from Computer Power Institute met with industry representatives who are out there every day talking to their clients, working on internal systems, looking at, and implementing innovative solutions. One of the things that definitely came through loud and clear was their view…

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The real cost of mistakes in a resume


If you are applying for a role with a salary of, let’s say $60k (package) and you have written a 350-word application/covering letter and you divide 350 into the 60K … it means every word on that page has a potentially value of $171.42. Let’s have some fun with this 3 spelling mistakes – deduct…

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