Computer networking as a career path

Networking abstract

Technology and the constant advances in technology are changing the way we live and work. Computer networking is an engineering discipline that aims to study and analyse the communication process among various computing devices or computer systems that are linked, or networked, together to exchange information and share resources. Computer networking depends on the theoretical…

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The real cost of mistakes in a resume


If you are applying for a role with a salary of, let’s say $60k (package) and you have written a 350-word application/covering letter and you divide 350 into the 60K … it means every word on that page has a potentially value of $171.42. Let’s have some fun with this 3 spelling mistakes – deduct…

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5 reasons how work experience will benefit you

Young students in library

When you think of work experience, you may firstly think of secondary school students working with their parents, photocopying and getting coffee for people – as an adult, work experience can offer a lot more. 1. Prepares you for work life Work experience is designed to give you an insight into work life. You will experience…

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Success Story: The support from Computer Power assisted me on my rewarding journey

Josef Dendunnen

Hello, my name is Josef DenDunnen and this is my story. It all began in the end of April 2013 when I was busy working one afternoon, I received a phone call from Stuart Law after registering my interest with Computer Power Institute through the website, about two weeks later I sat the Entrance Assessment for the Networking…

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