Success Story: I invested in learning to start my Web Development career

After secondary school I spent a year working as a warehouse store-person and forklift driver at Cubic solutions. This gave me time to think about what I wanted to pursue career-wise. I had many hobbies at the time and one of the largest was Information Technology. During secondary school I spent a lot of  time building or repairing personal…

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Success Story: The support from Computer Power assisted me on my rewarding journey

Josef Dendunnen

Hello, my name is Josef DenDunnen and this is my story. It all began in the end of April 2013 when I was busy working one afternoon, I received a phone call from Stuart Law after registering my interest with Computer Power Institute through the website, about two weeks later I sat the Entrance Assessment for the Networking…

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Success Story: Studying leads to employment for Robyn

Robyn Graf

By Kate Smith Do you want to make the switch from Customer Service to Software Development like CPI Graduate Robin? Robyn grew up watching her mother mark her students programming projects. Robyn’s fascination and curiosity led her to start writing code from the time she was eight years old.  Robyn was sold, one day she would…

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Success Story: Promoted after only seven months!

By Kate Smith  Do you want a career where quick promotions are possible? Daniel is living it! Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking Daniel’s first IT role was as a Level 1/2 Client Liaison Officer. A role which put Daniel’s determination to succeed to the test. He had to learn five applications (one is hard…

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Success Story: Teamwork starts Daniel’s career

By Kate Smith  Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking Job title: IT Service Help Desk Daniel was studying at University however found it wasn’t suited to him, he is better suited to a self-paced learning style. Growing up with computers led to Daniel’s curiosity, he was often wondering, ‘how do these work’, so he would quite…

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Success Story: Jay ready to start his career in IT

By Kate Smith  Ready to kick-start your career? Study IT and get going! Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking Job title: Junior Desktop Support Engineer Jay was working full-time for a small distribution company and realised his position was not going anywhere. He had always dreamed about a career in IT, so he decided to pursue…

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