Computer Networking the engine that runs the Internet


Who runs the World?

Computer Networkers Do…

Let’s take the simple example of accessing or sharing your information with your friends.

Photos, email, messages etc. one of the most common task which people around the globe perform daily life.

Now imagine if this sharing was done manually. It would be a time-consuming process and in some instances impossible to do it.

There are constant advancements in networking technology compared to just the last decade and it is still growing.

We should feel really lucky to be part of this rapid progress.

Computer networking is a technology that is used in various industries of the world. It has a variety of features. This technology has become an essential part of our day-to-day life.

Typically, the key benefits are:

1. Communication
Distance does not really matter, messages (in terms of voice and data) are delivered in the blink of an eye from one location to another, consequently people can easily stay connected with their family, friends and colleagues.

2. Data storing
Storing and accessing personal or work related data (despite the data size) efficiently which helps to save time and money.

3. Resource sharing
Easy to share devices and software with others. For example, print the documents from around the world (depending on the networking structure).

So, the next time you send that food selfie or upload a funny cat video say A Big Thank You to the dedicated network engineers for making these tasks possible.

Computer Networking is the one of the major technological revolution of the previous century.

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…posted by Qumber Ali

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