5 reasons how work experience will benefit you

Computer Power Institute Work Experience

When you think of work experience, you may firstly think of secondary school students working with their parents, photocopying and getting coffee for people – as an adult, work experience can offer a lot more.

1. Prepares you for work life
Work experience is designed to give you an insight into work life. You will experience the daily routine of working, speak to the employees about their roles and careers, you’ll gain an understanding of workplace politics and completing IT and office tasks while working in a team.

2. More success when job hunting
Your work experience highlights you interest in IT. Work experience also gives you real-life experiences to talk about in your job interview and shows you’re motivated and sincerely interested in the area. Having relevant work experience looks good on your resume too!

3. Build your portfolio
This is really valuable to Software and Web development students. Your portfolio showcases your capabilities and may be requested when you apply for jobs.

4. Self-awareness
Use this time to confirm what you do know and identify areas where you can improve. This will help you at job interviews.

5. Employment outcomes
Work experience at its best may lead to you being offered a permanent role, it also give you the chance to meet people and build up your contacts who may be able to help you with your job-hunting.

What do you think you could get out of work experience? have you done work experience? What did you get out of it? We’d love to know, please share with us in the comments!

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