GovHack, four questions answered

By Kate Smith

Computer Power employees and students are excited to be involved in GovHack each year. Are you looking for an opportunity to work with government data to innovate and create?


1) What is a Hackathon?
At Hackathons teams comprising of general IT enthusiasts, programmers, designers and project managers come together to solve a problem. Teams develop a viable solution within a set time-frame. Often mentors, materials and prizes are provided. It isn’t ‘hacking in’ as you may think, it’s along the lines of a ‘life hack.’

2) What is GovHack?
GovHack is an Australian Hackathon. GovHack runs for just over 40 hours, over a weekend in July. The event is designed to draw people together from government, industry, academia and the general public. Teams compete for prizes by building computer applications, creating mashups, data visualisations and apps, using data provided by government agencies. Over the weekend the 12,000+ people registered will have the opportunity to interact with peers, be mentored by experts and show off their skills to the community.

GovHack is about finding new ways to do great things and encouraging open government and open data.

3) Why do people participate in Hackathons?

  • Solve real problems
  • Meet new people
  • Work in team
  • Learn
  • Enjoy the atmosphere

4) How can I participate?
Even if you don’t have a team, an idea for an application, or any knowledge of computer programming, it is worth going to a GovHack to watch and perhaps participate.

Check out #govhack on Twitter to follow the action!

Do you attend HackAThons? What tips do you have for newbies attending this years GovHack? Please share them in the comments section!

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