How to make this your career year: A nine-point plan

By Kate Smith 

Are you reflecting on life? What do you want to achieve?

Throughout there year there are several ‘check points’ when we assess where were are. January 1, our birthdays, a work anniversary for example.

Make the next 12 months yours by considering the following tips:

1) Define your goal – what is it you want to achieve career wise over the next 12 months? A promotion, new responsibilities, be better organised, become a subject matter expert?

2) Create your gap analysis – think about what you know, and what you will need to know to achieve your goal. Learn about those things.

3) Define the plan to get you there – break your goal down into steps.

4) Subscribe to relevant newsletters, blogs and podcasts – these will help you remain up to date and to teach you about relevant industries.

5) Set a ‘sub’ challenge – for example to attend one career based seminar / webinar a month.

6) Reward yourself as you achieve each step – acknowledge and be proud of yourself as you edge closer to your goal.

7) Involve your peers – sharing your goals will help you become accountable your peers will also offer advice and share their stories.

8) Look for inspiration (or #inspo) – there is plenty online. Instagram have accounts which provide a daily motivational quotes which can help keep you going.

9) Live your next step – present yourself as though you are where you want to be. Share your knowledge confident in sharing.

Do you agree with these tips? What ones have you tried out and how did they help you professionally and personally?

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