How we help our students

By Kate Smith 

Are you thinking about studying with Computer Power? What are you looking for in your education provider?

Most likely they’re looking to gain the skills and knowledge to start their career, perusing a career change, or experiencing unemployment and require further support to assist in their job-hunt.

While studying, our students develop their IT networks, made up of peers, industry specialists and other professionals. Our students establish themselves as viable candidates in the market place; through their diplomas, Vender Certifications and connections.

Computer Power offer support by providing access to our Career Consultants, who can help determine your career needs and create a plan. To ensure plan attainment, our Academic team will pro-actively support students by providing support and by encouraging student feedback. Our courses are written by our qualified writing team and remain up-to-date.

Computer Power maintains a professional atmosphere in conducting our courses. Computer Power students can gain membership to the Australian Computer Society.

Our Career Development Manager works with students to assist them find employment. We are aligned with businesses, alumni, and agencies which enables us to provide a comprehensive employment options. Ninety three per cent of our graduates have obtained employment in the IT realm.

What support would you like when looking for a new job? Share your thoughts below.

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