IT professionals are in high demand!

By Kate Smith

Do you want a job with great career opportunities and benefits? Then you should you consider IT!

Today, according to, there are nearly 12,000 jobs advertised in the Information and Communication Technology industry.

Over the past year, this figure hasn’t altered much as businesses continue to struggle to find skilled IT professionals to fill these positions. This problem isn’t limited to Australia; globally, companies are saying they struggle to find IT employees. The demand for IT employees increases as businesses’ reliance on IT grows.

Early in 2014, reported that tech positions such as IT project manager, business analyst, digital marketing manager, mobile app developer and JavaScript developer are highly sought after.
While it’s common for people to view IT as a dull industry – people in tweed jackets busily coding in dark offices (how times have changed, Alan Turning!), it’s time to shift this mindset as it is no longer the case.
Information technology is everywhere and utilised by many. Online shopping, social media, TV streaming, Google and games are all vibrant areas of IT which add to our enjoyment of life. Behind these are teams of innovative, analytical, creative, ambitious, problem-solving men and women. Many work for large global companies in teams full of digital expertise.

With such a high level of job vacancies, IT professionals are in high demand. Finding and retaining skilled IT professionals in today’s market can be difficult. Companies therefore frequently provide perks to create loyalty, including free food and drinks, games rooms, bright and modern offices, massages, gym memberships, flexible work arrangements and programs to stimulate and intellectually capture employees. While it isn’t always about the money, healthy remuneration packages are also offered.

If you’re considering a career in information technology, your employment outcome after you gain a formal qualification increase. Opportunities in IT are endless, including overseas employment, great perks and high salaries. With the guaranteed ongoing development in the IT industry, a secure and extensive career is assured.

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