Life after studying!

By Kate Smith

Wondering about life after completing your diploma? How much will you earn, what options do you have?

Our weekly intakes means that at different times throughout the year we have graduates ready to join the work force. It is important that our students remain focused on their end goal; this will help them remain motivated as they study and will inspire them to produce high-quality work.

Our diplomas generally take about 16 months. In this time, students complete their courseware with the support of a great team at Computer Power Institute, including Careers Consultants, Student Service Administrators, and Instructors.

Our students generally entry-level and offer salaries around $50,000. Some start in an entry-level position and work towards management, and we’re proud to provide employees to our previous graduates who are now in management positions.

However, the career path for graduates is unique to each individual, and not everyone wants to jump straight from studying into work. People taking a ‘gap year’ is a growing trend in Australia and Computer Power graduates see its advantages. After studying, some students take time off to go on an adventure; one recently decided to trek South America. Others decide to continue studying and use their diploma as a pathway to a university degree.

As our student population is 90% mature age, most of our students do seek employment. Our students and graduates are able to access our Career Development Centre after studying for approximately four months and can continue to use our service after they have graduated.

We pride ourselves on the individual care which we provide to our students. We design our courses so that they put our students in a strong position to get a job in IT. Our Placement Consultants work with students as a team, guiding them towards achieving their employment goals.

What will you do when you complete your course? Let us know below!

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