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We understand that it can be daunting when returning to study as a mature-aged student, so we offer all the support you need to complete your Diploma.

Computer Power Institute is made up of mainly mature-aged students. People who have had some time off and have now decided to get serious about their careers, people looking to upskill and those who are pursuing a career change. Therefore, our courses are designed to suit all needs.

The biggest challenge for mature-aged students is the mental barrier. A lot of the mature-aged students we speak to are worried because they haven’t studied in a long time, so they’re uncertain as to whether or not they’re capable. The other common concern is that they’ve never attempted online study before and they’re not sure what to expect.

After years of working with mature-aged students, we’re well positioned to collate a list of ‘commonly provided tips’ for mature-aged students. Here it is:

Remember that you are not alone. It is completely normal to feel challenged or out of your depth from time to time – every student will go through that. The difference between the students who come out on top and those who can’t pull through, is knowing how to seek help. We know that in a classroom environment, if you get stuck you can raise your hand and ask a question, or turn to the student next to you and ask them. Online learning is no different – even if you are studying in a room all by yourself. You simply need to reimagine these actions in an online context. Instead of raising your hand, submit a request for assistance to one of your Instructors. Have a chat with ‘the student next to you’ by posting a comment on the discussion forum.

Call upon the advantage you have as a mature-aged student: life experience. This may be your first foray into online learning, but we can guarantee you’ve been in situations that require critical thinking, time management and revision before. No one is disadvantaged when entering our e-Campus; the key is knowing how to utilise your existing abilities to create success.

Remind yourself of the goals you set when you started your course. To get a better job or promotion. For personal interest or changing careers, etc. A lot of students get half way through the course and forget why they signed up in the first place. If a student is falling behind or lacking motivation I normally remind them that they have already invested money to achieve their goal. Use your Diploma as a pathway to get a higher wage or better job position so you don’t spend the rest of your life paying back your loan.

Get organised! We know that mature-aged students have other pressing commitments. The key is to plan your study in order to wisely use your competing time for family work and other commitments. You also need to stay in contact with your Trainers to ensure you are receiving the support that you have paid for.

Are you returning to study? What are your biggest concerns, and what advice have you been given to overcome them? (Or share your own advice!)

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