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We wanted to share something with you.

Last week a number of staff from Computer Power Institute met with industry representatives who are out there every day talking to their clients, working on internal systems, looking at, and implementing innovative solutions.

One of the things that definitely came through loud and clear was their view on what it is that differentiates a CPI graduate from other candidates?

What is it I hear you ask?  One of the answers is gaining your Certifications as soon as you possibly can.  Remember it is the Vendor validating you are competent and you will discover that many organisation have SLA’s with their clients.  It could be something like ‘none of our technical / development staff’ hold less than an XYZ Certification.

Whether you are doing software development, website development, networking or general IT the message is the same …  Certifications can give you the edge.

Other points of interest included the impact IoT, Digital Disruption and integrating existing systems is having, and will continue to have on organisations. Whether you are entry level or experienced, employers are looking for candidates who can demonstrate business acumen, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and have the broader skills to be innovative and see the bigger picture and awareness of how their role/department fits into the larger scheme of business workflow.  In other words, how what you do and how IT underpins the business.

In summary:

  • If you have the opportunity to gain relevant Certifications, then do so as soon as is practicable
  • Read, research and develop awareness of the ‘bigger picture’ and how your role fits into the scheme of things, and the impact it has on business
  • Develop your innovation and business acumen skills and commercial awareness through on-the-job experience, courses, networking with peers
  • Keep honing and refining your communication skills and ability to ask the ‘WHY’ questions when gathering business requirements, handling technical/software support calls.
  • Be the one who can step out of the box!

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