Starting out in IT

By Kate Smith


Are you ready to start your career in IT? Wondering about the first steps? I spoke to a Computer Power graduate to find out about how he started his IT career.

The IT sector in Australia is growing rapidly. A recent IBIS report revealed that IT as we know it – enhanced with high-speed broadband, will become Australia’s most important utility of this century. By 2050, it is expected to generate over $1 trillion in revenue.

With constant technological advancements, a focus on making life better, great job satisfaction and a rewarding salary IT is a career worth considering.

It is time to forget the stereotype! IT is a bright, actioned-packed field which can place you in any industry.

Just ask Matthew, a Computer Power graduate. He made the switch to IT after starting his career in Architecture. He decided it was time to pursue a career he was truly passionate about and hasn’t looked back!

Matthew has always been interested in computers – specifically networking. To begin his new career Matthew quickly realised that a formal education and Vendor Certifications are important. He considered several education providers while researching where to study. Matthew attended a tour of the Computer Power Institute campus to determine if we were the provider that could help him achieve his goal to work in IT. Not long after the tour, Matthew enrolled in the Diploma of Information Technology, Networking. Having always liked computers and already possessing skills such as logical thinking, attention to detail, problem solving and mathematics Matthew was destined to excel at his course.

Within six months of commencing and having now gained the basic skills associate with networking, and completed the Personal Effectiveness and Employment Preparation components of his diploma, Matthew was keen to find employment. Working with Computer Power’s Job Placement team, Matthew was quickly employed as Level 1 Help Desk Analyst at a mining and construction firm. Being a quick learner with determination to develop his career, Matthew has already risen up the ranks, been promoted and found a more senior role at a different company.

Formal education is important to securing a job in IT. We recommend that individuals research courses and compare them as Matthew did to ensure they course will assist them to achieve their goals. Considerations include location, quality of the courseware, the support offered and price. Vendor Certifications such as CCNA make you stand out above other applicants. They highlight your commitment and increase your credibility.

Computer Power provide IT courses in Information Technology, Networking, Software Development and Website Development. Computer Power Diplomas are an alternate pathway into a University Degree. As part of our flexible offering, students are able to study our IT courses online, via our e-Campus or on campus in Melbourne.

Matthew told us that “Computer Power provides a unique learning experience that can’t be found elsewhere! Computer Power provides a professional atmosphere to study and get Microsoft Certified.”

IT professionals may work as Systems Administrators, Networking, Website Developers, and Software Developers or in a more specialised area.

When asked to provide advice to someone wanting to start a career in IT Matthew happily stated “I highly recommend CPI for anybody looking to advance their career in the IT industry!”

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