Steph’s dream is coming true! Four weeks employment at the ABC in the Technology Division.


Stephanie Butler decided to pursue her dream to work in Networking in TV. She is now four weeks away from completing her Diploma of Networking, and as soon as she finishes, she’ll begin working at the ABC, having won the Women in Broadcast Technology Scholarship from the ABC Broadcast Network. This exciting opportunity was well earnt by Steph – she applied online and Steph had no trouble answering the questions thanks to her love of the ABC. Her successful application resulted in an invitation to attend an interview. Though slightly nervous, Steph is a true believer in what is meant to be, will be.

When meeting with the panel of three ABC executives, Steph received great feedback which she puts down to giving real-life examples to demonstrate her knowledge. She drew on her experience as the Team Leader in the Computer Power Institute Group Development Project and highlighted her problem solving skills. Steph left the interview feeling good, although this feeling slowly slid away as time passed and she hadn’t heard back. She knew the competition was strong. Eventually, Steph told her friends and family that she was unsuccessful.

Over a week later, while out and about, the scholarship came to mind. Curious to find out who did win, Steph checked her email and read ‘we’re pleased to inform you…’. That was when Steph realised she had won! This is a fantastic opportunity amounting to four weeks paid work in the Technology Division of the ABC, plus a $1,000 educational book allowance.  But most importantly, a foothold in the industry she dreams of working in.

Steph completed both her Diploma and her scholarship at the ABC straight afterwards. Thanks to Steph’s performance and enthusiasm, she was offered a full-time position!

Are you interested in a career in Networking? What will your first step be to achieving your career dream?

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