Success Story: Brahim was looking to improve his work/life balance

By Kate Smith 

Do you want to break the shift-work schedule? Brahim did just that, and couldn’t be happier.

Course studied: Diploma of Software Development
Job title: Instructor

With fatherhood pending, Brahim was determined to create a secure routine. He was a shift-worker in the manufacturing industry and wanted to improve his work/life balance. Spending time with his family and being able to better provide for them became a priority.

For a long time Brahim’s family had been telling him he should work in ICT. It was something Brahim had always shown an interest in. It was a relative of his – who is a Computer Power graduate, who suggested he consider studying with us too.

Brahim valued this advice, and naturally had his own wish-list of expectations from his educator: to complete his diploma within 12 months, to work at his own pace (knowing that a traditional classroom environment wouldn’t suit him), and Job Placement assistance.

Being able to study at his own pace meant Brahim could fast-track through easier courseware and spend more time on more challenging courseware.

Brahim completed the Diploma of Software Development and secured full-time employment as an trainer at Computer Power. He has since been promoted and is now working as ICT Technical Support. This role includes IT support and Project Management.

What do you think the benefits are of working shift work and the 9-5 routine? What do you prefer. We’d love to know, tell us in the comments below!

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