Success Story: CPI helped Callum get somewhere he never imagined.

By Kate Smith

Have you been trying your hand in a few roles, and yet to find something that suits you? If you’ve always liked IT, then why not pursue it as a career like Callum?

After finishing year 12 Callum completed an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker. He enjoyed the work, however the culture wasn’t a good fit for him, so he decided to pursue a career in a different area. Callum worked in tele-marketing and considered positions in retail and taking up another trade for a few months before realising that he’d like to forge a career in IT; networking specifically, as he is keen to work with servers and network equipment. ‘I enjoy the ability to help people and solve problems as well as being be part of something huge.’

Finding employment in IT quickly was Callum’s goal, and the reason why Computer Power appealed. He could study online and, if required design his study schedule around work. Callum also told us the inclusion of vendor certifications was important as he knew they’d assist with finding employment.

The flexibility offered by Computer Power was a key factor in him completing the course, he changed his study schedule from full time to part time, studied from home and found employment in IT. In just over twelve months Callum had completed his diploma.

Callum enjoyed his time studying because the courseware was challenging, the Trainers supportive, he grew personally, and the benefits gained all which assisted him to find employment. He told us ‘I like that for most of the courses there was additional and alternate texts, I remember doing one of the Microsoft server courses and the text book I had begun reading was so boring. I swapped to the alternate one and it was a lot better. I also liked having access to the virtual machines, you can learn a lot when you can actually configure the features and services you are learning about.’

Callum is now supporting systems across Asia Pacific for a large global company. He told us that ‘eighteen months ago I never would have imagined I would be where I am today and Computer Power helped me get there.’

Callum is keen to go further down the path of networking, ultimately working in a global company.

What are you going to do to make your career dreams come true? Let us know in the comments.

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