Success Story: CPI is your pathway to IT employment

By Kate Smith 

Do you want to develop your IT career while working?

Course studied: Diploma of Software Development
Job title: Instructor

Matthew spent a decade working in various roles with a major Melbourne university, from time tabling, database development and support, code writing and extracting data (which Matthew taught himself) these roles eventually evolved into a Management role.

While working on a programming project Matthew rediscovered a talent and love of IT. He realised that it was the programming part of his role he enjoyed most, so he decided to formally study Software Development as part of his pathway towards IT employment.

‘I looked to study at Universities and TAFE’s but they’d take too long and don’t offer flexibility’ Matthew informed us when we asked why he chose to study at Computer Power.

Computer Power also stood out to Matthew because of the business culture, and its industry relevance.

While studying, Matthew transferred to part-time study to enable him to accept a contract to work as a Graduate Programmer with a software house.

When this role ended Matthew was still able to utilise Computer Power’s Job Placement service. With his experience working in education and more recently in IT, he was offered a full-time position at Computer Power as a Trainer which he accepted.

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