Success Story: From an uncertain career path to a secure one

By Kate Smith 

Do you want to start a career in IT? Mu-En did just that!

Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking
Job title: Junior Analyst Programmer

Degree qualified in Engineering and Telecommunications with experience in Smartphone development Mu-En found himself contract employment as a Patent Engineer.

When his final contract ended, Mu-En took the opportunity to reevaluate his career. Having an interest in the latest networking technology, when he saw the Computer Power advertisement for networking online, he realised his new pursuits were a click away.

While studying at Computer Power, Mu-En enhanced his technical knowledge and developed hands-on networking skills. The networking diploma covers design, installation and management of computer networks and systems, network security, troubleshooting and virtualised systems

With the career-outcome always front-of-mind, Mu-En highly valued the employment preparation program and individual career support. After eight months of study Mu-En found employment as a Patent Engineer with a multinational Research and Development company, who specialise in telecommunication networking equipment and cloud-based solutions.

With experience as a Patent Engineer and his IT skills, Mu-En will assist Software Engineers drafting innovative ideas proposed for patent applications.

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