Success Story: I invested in learning to start my Web Development career

After secondary school I spent a year working as a warehouse store-person and forklift driver at Cubic solutions. This gave me time to think about what I wanted to pursue career-wise. I had many hobbies at the time and one of the largest was Information Technology.

During secondary school I spent a lot of  time building or repairing personal computers for my friends and family. This lead to my decision to study an Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Multimedia) at Victoria University. Web Development was one of the subjects I really enjoyed and was really good at!

After my studies at Victoria University I began my job search. I was looking for Web Developer and Web Designer roles. There were many long periods of futile job searching and after extensive amount time I had lost confidence in my abilities and the IT landscape had also changed. I realised I was a little behind and had to catch-up.

One day I received a phone call thinking it was a prospective employer, when it was a Career Consultant from Computer Power Institute. Happy to talk about my career, they told me about the courses Computer Power offer and the learning format. The flexibility of the courses really appealed. I was keen to gain new skills and refresh on my current knowledge in order to be competitive in the job market. Because of this the decision to commence a Diploma of Website Development was obvious.

Towards the completion of my course I had the opportunity to work with an experienced Placement Consultant at Computer Power who helped me improve my resume, and my job searching and interview skills. Because of this support and the new technical skills I had learnt throughout my course I felt much more confident than I had before.

While job hunting, my motivation never wavered, my applications were now getting responses! Not too long after beginning my job hunt I started getting interviews and before I knew it I had accepted an offer for an IT support / Web Administrator role at Safeman Australia.

By Joshua John


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