Success Story: Jay ready to start his career in IT

By Kate Smith 

Ready to kick-start your career? Study IT and get going!

Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Job title: Junior Desktop Support Engineer

Jay was working full-time for a small distribution company and realised his position was not going anywhere. He had always dreamed about a career in IT, so he decided to pursue it and enrolled as an e-Campus student at Computer Power to complete a diploma of Information Technology Networking.

Approximately three months into his study, Jay decided he’d like to put the theory he was learning into practice by gaining work in the IT industry.

At the commencement of the Employment Preparation Program, Jay was contacted by Meg Thomson (our Career Development Manager) Jay shared with her his desire to work. Meg and Jay worked together to create his cover letters and resumes – each tailored to suit the position advertisements he was applying for.

After a few weeks, Jay was invited to attend an interview for a Junior Desktop Support Engineer position. Again Meg and Jay worked together to prepare him for possible interview scenarios and questions, this included discussing Jay’s previous experience.

Jay felt he performed well in his interview, but wasn’t 100 percent confident because it was his first interview with an IT company. After talking to us, he decided it would be a good idea to send a thank you email to the interviewer and reiterate how he could contribute to their team.

A few days later Jay received a call from the IT Manager, who invited him to a second interview. The second interview was a video conference interview with the Global IT Manager and other members of the IT team. Yet again Jay and Meg discussed how he could best prepare and how to handle this type of interview.

Shortly after, the IT Manager called Jay. Jay was told that he received great feed-back and was offered the role – and yes he accepted!

Do you send thank-you letters (or emails!) after a job interview? Has this proven successful for you? Let us know in the comments.


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