Success Story: Promoted after only seven months!

By Kate Smith 

Do you want a career where quick promotions are possible? Daniel is living it!

Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Daniel’s first IT role was as a Level 1/2 Client Liaison Officer. A role which put Daniel’s determination to succeed to the test. He had to learn five applications (one is hard enough) which his clients use.

Daniel focused on learning as much as possible to provide the best support to the clients.

After seven months of hard work, Daniel’s manager asked to have a chat with him. Daniel’s natural reaction was one of concern – thinking oh no, what’s wrong?  The answer – nothing was wrong and everything was right!

Daniel received praise and recognition for amount of time, effort and energy he had put into his work and was promoted. His new role looks after all existing and new clients globally who are converting to Cloud technology.

Daniel will manage upgrades, backups, updates, ensuring the client’s database is functioning correctly and that their data is secure.

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