Success Story: Study, get a job and move up!

By Kate Smith 

Do you want to start a career in IT? Matt completed his diploma within 12 months and found work soon after.

Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Job title: Help Desk Consultant

Like many of our students, Matt has had a long-term interest in computers, for him it was the networking side which appealed. After accepting that he no longer found studying and working in architecture fulfilling, he decided to pursue what he was truly passionate about –Information and Communications Technology.

After discovering Computer Power, Matt arranged to have a tour of the campus in Melbourne; he used this opportunity to ask questions about the Networking diploma, the way of learning, student expectations and the Job Placement Service.

Shortly after, Matt decided that Computer Power was the right educator for him and enrolled.

Being able to complete his networking diploma within 12 months, the self-paced nature of study, professional environment, courseware, Vendor Certifications, and job placement support suited Matt perfectly.

Computer Power’s Job Placement Service helped Matt obtain a part-time role as a Help Desk Consultant. After seven months in this role, he found a permanent Level 2 Support Analyst position within the Managed Services Team of a mining and construction firm.

Matt provides regional support to internal clients and has a number of his own projects to look after including Exchange, CISCO phones and routers.

Have you worked as a Help Desk Consultant? What was the most frequently asked question? Let us know below in the comments.

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