Success Story: Teamwork starts Daniel’s career

By Kate Smith 

Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Job title: IT Service Help Desk

Daniel was studying at University however found it wasn’t suited to him, he is better suited to a self-paced learning style.

Growing up with computers led to Daniel’s curiosity, he was often wondering, ‘how do these work’, so he would quite often pull them apart!

He opted to study at Computer Power because the style of teaching, self-paced study, the embedded Vendor Certifications and the Job Placement assistance.

The practical components of the course are Daniel’s most preferred, but he accepts that you cannot get away from paperwork – whether you’re studying or working.

Daniel and Meg (our National Placement Consultant) worked together to prepare his resume and to refine his interview skills. Job Placement put Daniel forward for an IT Service Help Desk role supporting clients to resolve a wide variety of technical across the Asia Pacific region for a global card manufacturing company.

It was his Networking diploma and customer service skills which he developed while he was working in retail which led to Daniels success. He secured the role and is already establishing himself as a valued team member.

Daniel’s manager is a Computer Power graduate from 23 years ago.

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