Success Story: The support from Computer Power assisted me on my rewarding journey

Josef Dendunnen

Hello, my name is Josef DenDunnen and this is my story.

It all began in the end of April 2013 when I was busy working one afternoon, I received a phone call from Stuart Law after registering my interest with Computer Power Institute through the website, about two weeks later I sat the Entrance Assessment for the Networking Diploma.

Both Stuart Law and I were so satisfied with my results that before I knew it I was propelled into this marvelous career-starting Diploma that has lead me when I am today.

The past 3 ½ years has not always been smooth sailing. With the birth of my beloved daughter on April 29 of 2013, keeping up with a 40 hour per week work schedule, and tending to my newborn daughter was quite the test for any adult. Especially throwing a fully-fledged Diploma in the mix also.

All of my accomplishments would not have been possible without the assistance of Meg Thomson assisting me with my resume/interview techniques and all the Academic Team that have assisted me on this fantastic rewarding journey.

Well, I don’t want to take up anymore of your time babbling on like a retired gentleman sipping his scotch… just a few more paragraphs I promise!

I have recently relocated back to my home away from home, Adelaide. Not well renowned for its IT job market,  but there are still positions if you want them badly enough.

One of my favourite software/hardware companies, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, has taken me on-board under the title/role of z/OS Mainframe Systems Programmer Graduate. A three-year traineeship, the best possible outcome and one I’ve always wanted. Life is great. I shall be ever expanding my knowledge base and love of IT!

If in doubt, put your head down like I did. Good will come of it, I promise. Thanks for reading my story everyone!

By Josef DenDunnen

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