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It’s likely that this is your first (or second) contact with Computer Power Institute. Before enrolling, most of our students come to our website to do some research. They want to know: Who are we? What do we offer? And do we offer what they need? Generally students visit our site again and get in touch. They either call us direct or download our free Success Guide, and then a discussion with one of our Career Consultants takes place.

Computer Power Reception desk

Our Reception desk in Melbourne.

How it all works
Our trained Careers Consultants make sure they speak to all potential students. They work with them to clarify what their next step is. We’ll talk about their experience, prior education and what direction they want to take their career in. Our Careers Consultants are here to ensure people understand our courses, how they can add studying to their lifestyle and talk about our payment methods.

Students can start their course at Computer Power any week of the year, starting Monday. This means that when they’re most motivated they can begin (no waiting for the start of year or mid-year). If they’re studying to get themselves into the workforce, starting sooner means they can finish sooner too.

Our Careers Consultants will help students throughout the enrolment process. Once enrolled our Student Services team contact each student on the Friday prior to starting to welcome them to the course and to let them know what to expect and give them an opportunity to ask any questions.

On the day students start, they receive an email with the link to the Learning Platform (the Learning Management System) and their passwords. All of the students starting on the same day will be invited to participate in our online orientation. This session explains how to log in, how to work through their course and how to seek assistance from our professional team of IT Trainers.

Trainer Computer Power

The Academic Team at Computer Power are all professionals in their field.

The Academic Team are here to share their knowledge and wisdom so that students can achieve what they have set out to do. They all have a detailed history in IT. Most worked in IT, gaining valuable work experience before joining the Academic Team. They hold Vendor Certifications and have their Certificate Four in Training and Assessment. This means they are all well equipped to teach and guide our students. Students can contact the Academic Team between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm on weekdays. If they need assistance beyond these hours, students can access the student forums.

The on-shift Academic Team sit here, ready to assist all of our students.

Computer Power students have almost the same experience whether they study on campus or online. There is no difference to the course content and Academic Team access for students. All queries are placed in a queue and responded to in order. On campus, students come in and sit at a workstation and work through their course at their own pace. All students are encouraged to complete Vendor Certifications.

What are Vendor Certifications?
The knowledge required to complete Vendor Certifications is embedded in our courses. This means that after completing certain units, students will be ready to sit a Vendor Certification exam. Vendor Certifications give students credibility as they demonstrate they have the knowledge and expertise about platform-specific skills. Holding their CCNA Routing and Switching, for example, tells employers that they are able to complete basic networking, IP addressing, IP services and security, routing and troubleshooting.

Vendor Certifications training

By having relevant IT Vendor Certifications, students increase their opportunities to develop their IT career at all stages. Their commitment to IT is indicated by the effort they made to become certified, and being certified will most often give them an advantage over non-certified IT professionals.

When students are ready to complete their Vendor Certificate exam, they should let the Academic Team know and they’ll counsel them through the process. They will also give them a voucher so they can sit the exam at no cost to themselves. Graduates are more likely to secure entry-level positions if they hold certifications such as Certified Advanced Windows Store App Development using C#, Programming in C#.

Support during the course
If a student needs to update or check their details, request time off or needs some motivation, the Student Services Team can assist. Our friendly team also offer advice to keep students on track while studying.

Computer Power Trainer team

Academic Manager Jess, and two of our IT Trainers, Steven and Renike.

Our Career Development Manager can work with students while they look for their first (or next) job. We offer a wealth of experience and advice. Students can find out what to expect at job interviews, how to answer tricky questions, after job interview negotiation skills and much more. We offer as much assistance as each individual requires. As part of their course they will need to develop their résumé and cover letter. These are then submitted to a Career Development Manager who reviews them and contacts the student to make an appointment. Depending on where they live, this may be in our offices in Melbourne, or over the phone or via Skype.

While studying, we assist students to stay on track through regular contact and support. Students also have the ability to monitor their own progress via our Learning Management System (LMS). Personalised study schedules mean that students can complete the qualification as quickly as they choose to. We will also be in touch to celebrate their milestones along the way. Our Academic Team will lead them through to graduation. Upon completion, they will receive their certifications, along with a professional compendium to take with them as they embark on their new career.

The skills and support students receive from the Career Support Centre will empower them to develop their IT careers. We’re with our students every step of the way.

What support do you want while you study? Let us know in the comments below.

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