What do you need to do to start your career in IT?

By Kate Smith 

Are you keen to begin your professional career in IT?

Are you looking to develop your career in an industry which is ever-changing, filled with challenges, on the cutting-edge and offers career advancement and a rewarding salary?

In Australia currently there are over 14,000 IT jobs advertised on Seek.com. There are more jobs than IT professionals to fill them. On January 22, computerworld.com.au reported that based on current trends, Australia will not meet increasing demand for IT workers from local sources alone. (http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/536471/vic_govt_pushes_plan_boost_ict_skills/)

With demand increasing, especially in the area of Digital and Mobile apps, if you’ve been considering a career in IT now is the time to act upon it.

What do you need to do to start your career in IT?

Have a natural interest in Information Technology – do you love technology and seem to have become to ‘go to’ person to help you friends and family  solve their computer issues?

Set your goal/s – what is it you want to achieve? Create a list of the types of IT work you would like to pursue.

Get to know the right people – make connections with people working in IT who can give you advice. Find out how they achieved their career goals.

Formalise your knowledge – employers do like that ‘bit of paper’. Complete a recognised IT course and move right into the job market.

Search for educational opportunities – find out the entry requirements and ensure you’re able to meet them (online courses can help with this!)

Complete International Vendor Certifications – in IT often a degree or diploma isn’t enough. Having your CompTIA and Microsoft certifications can increase your credibility.

Write a professional resume – there are plenty of resources online which can assist, then list your resume on job sites. LinkedIn is widely used by recruiters so ensure you have an up to date profile.

Take an entry level job – although this may not be ideal. You can continue to develop skills and keep up with new applications, hardware, and software that you can use in the future in your spare time, all while gaining work experience. As you know, there’s more to working than just your tasks.

What stage are you up to in your IT career? What was some great career advice you’ve received? We’d love to hear it.

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