What to look for in a good RTO

By Kate Smith

 How to select the right Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for you.

Are you considering furthering your education? Do you know you want to learn, but are not sure where? With so many training providers in Australia, deciding what is right for you can be difficult. You need to make sure that your studies will lead you to your goals, most commonly employment.

How to select the right RTO

In Australia you can study via higher education or VET (vocational education and training) methods. Higher education has a theoretical approach – you will complete a bachelor degree which will be guided by professionals such as teachers and doctors who have a university-level qualification. VET has a hands-on, practical approach. VET providers offer a range of qualifications including Certificate I, II, III and IV, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Vocational Graduate Certificates and Vocational Graduate Diplomas. VET also provide traineeships and apprenticeships. You will be guided by professionals with a VET qualification, such as chefs and IT specialists.

Providers of VET include TAFEs, adult and community education providers and agricultural colleges, private providers, community organisations, industry skill centres, and commercial and enterprise training providers. In addition, some universities and schools provide VET. (Source: www.asqa.gov.au/about/australias-vet-sector/australias-vet-sector.html)

If you decide to study in the hands-on VET sector, you need to select a provider which will deliver training with the outcome you desire. The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector. It regulates courses and training providers to ensure the nationally approved quality standards are met. VET providers must provide ASQA with details of how the units of competency in each of their training packages lead to a qualification and meet industry requirements. This is to ensure Australian businesses have access to a skilled workforce.

According to ASQA, there are around 5000 recognised RTOs in Australia. These RTOs will have their RTO provider number on their websites to verify them.

You shouldn’t have trouble finding yourself a reputable education provider to study with to increase your employment opportunities.

For more details please visit ASQAs website: www.asqa.gov.au/

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