Why do you need IT Industry Vendor Certifications?

By Kate Smith 

Are you committed to retaining current skills and knowledge in the constantly changing technological landscape? Then you need to become vendor certified.


Vendor Certifications are fast becoming a fundamental part of IT education as they are highly regarded and assist with IT employment.


Why do you need IT Industry Vendor Certifications?


IT Vendor Certifications give you credibility as they demonstrate you have the knowledge and expertise about platform-specific skills. Holding your CCNA Routing and Switching for example, tells employers that you are able to complete basic networking, IP addressing, IP services and security, routing and troubleshooting.

Career Development

At all stages of your career, by having relevant IT Vendor Certifications you increase the opportunities presented to develop your IT career. They show that you’re committed to IT due to the commitment you made to become certified. Being certified will most often you an advantage over non-certified IT professionals.

Graduates are more likely to secure entry-level positions if they hold certifications such as Certified Advanced Windows Store App Development using C#, Programming in C#, CompTIA Security+, and Cisco’s CCNA.

Certification training can help you cover new areas while also reinforcing the skills you already have.  Think of it as a refresher course that can help you identify and overcome your problem areas.

With a diploma, Vendor Certifications and Job Placement advice and support, Computer Power ensures you are job ready!

Do you have a Vendor Certification? Is it proudly on your wall or neatly tucked away?


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