You can now access your IT diploma online

By Kate Smith 

Do you want to study using a method that enables you to access their Computer Power learning environment remotely from home, work or any suitable location, in any city, region or state?

Computer Power’s e-Campus model mirrors the physical campus environment with identical study schedules and Instructor support. Enrolment is completed online, and all that is required is a computer and an ADSL broadband connection.

e-Campus is the perfect solution for students who can’t access IT education in their community, require convenience and flexibility, and for students who have mobility concerns.

To ensure success during your course, Computer Power has pioneered a unique self-directed learning model. This enables you to study at your own pace and schedule, using various blended learning methods.

The learning includes; theory and hands on practice (on and off campus), personal tuition from our instructors, free access to Microsoft IT Academy, eLearning and DreamSpark programs, Computer Lab, self-assessment and Vendor certification training and examinations.


  • You can enrol now and get started straight away
  • VET-FEE HELP is available to qualifying students
  • Flexible study, you can schedule your study shifts around your commitments
  • The resources and materials required to successfully complete your course are included
  • Courses include internationally recognised IT industry certifications
  • You have access to as much tuition and support from our Instructors as you require
  • Graduate within a year
  • Computer Power offers a free Professional Recruitment service to our students, graduates and employers.

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