Your interests, your skills, your goals


What are your Interests? How do you know what roles you can apply for?

From day 1 of your studies, or even if you are already half way through, it is never too late!

One of the biggest challenges people seem to face is working out what to look for and how to look?

This may seem a bit crazy, but guess what, it works! Jump onto a job board like SEEK, put a salary range in, and a location if you wish. Then, the Category Type and leave off the sub-category and key words then hit GO and start reading.

Yes, there will be loads of advertisements. I promise, it will become obvious which ones to skip past and which ones to stop and read.

If you do this on a regular basis you will:

  • learn about the industry you are getting into
  • learn what companies do
  • learn what is expected of you
  • learn what you can bring to different roles/organisations.

It’s like putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. It starts off with, ‘I’ve got all the pieces but someone took the lid away and I cannot see the whole picture’. Slowly but surely the picture will reveal itself to you as you piece it all together. YAY!

Hot tip: read the content of the advertisement and don’t get hung up or mislead by job titles. Two companies may have a role with the same job title but the responsibilities of each role could be differ immensely.

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