You’ve got one-tenth of a second to impress


Oops too late!

Talking on your phone, playing games while waiting for your interview … is an absolute no no. Switch your phone off or to silent and put it away until after the interview.

Basically it’s all over.  Too late to make up ground and make a good impression.

The first thing an interviewer is going to notice is how much effort you have put into being well presented.  Always lean towards a more formal business image even if you are interviewing with a really ‘funky’ company.

This is also applicable to your voice message on your mobile or contact phone. Once you begin applying for roles your mobile/cell phone becomes your business phone.

Get rid of the ‘leave a 10 second message’ as it is useless for business. Record a voicemail message.   Nothing funny, cute, clever.  It needs to be and sound professional.

Hot Tip: Better to be overdressed than under.  A smile and a firm handshake (not a vice grip!) goes a long way.

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