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Since the first ENIAC electronic computer computing has advanced and improved a lot over the decades. Nowadays, computers are part of our daily routine. The increasing reliance on computers emphasises the need to recruit more specialised professionals who will maintain, debug and develop the latest computer technology and its applications.

Most young people aspire to a bright career. IT can be one of the most lucrative industries and offers a number of compelling career options. Statistics show that computer science is the most promising field in terms of job opportunities and demand. Many employers require the relevant certification to prove technical computer knowledge. Vendor certifications provide an added dimension to your studies. In addition, employment opportunities are increased to a large extent. If you are already working, the chances of getting promoted are improved, along with the possibility of salary increases!

One of the most highly-valued certifications is the CCNA. CCNA exams are demanding due to the extended syllabus. The test covers a wide variety of information from TCP/IP fundamentals to network routing and spanning tree protocols. The wide spectrum of topics covered adds value to potential students’ certification. CPI students can take pride in the up-to-date methods and professional qualifications they receive during their time at our institute.

There are additional difficulties in acquiring certifications independently. Candidates may be eager to study hard, but theory-based study is insufficient without a corresponding practical element. Theoretical knowledge is highly appreciated in all forms of testing, but CCNA needs further practical, real-world knowledge. Network troubleshooting is mainly based on experience. Even the most experienced technicians gain further knowledge every day. CCNA applicants should work to increase their experience and knowledge, gaining further understanding of complex concepts. The experienced professionals at Didasko are willing to share the secrets of their profession through real time action.

Being a CCNA professional has lots of advantages and benefits, but the certification process can be challenging for applicants. Certification tests simulate the most difficult scenarios and give applicants limited time to achieve the correct solution. CPI trains students to cope in this stressful situation and positions them to achieve the best possible results.

IT professionals striving for further education should consider Didasko for the best certification training and guidance. We offer the proper knowledge to help you stand out in the crowded job market!

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