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In order to stand out in a competitive job market, applicants need the right skills, certifications and experience. In any field, the right guidance is as important as practice. The IT industry is no exception. IT professionals should remain up-to-date in this ever-changing industry. Information is available everywhere: blogs, books, events and articles about new technologies are easily accessible. They should also attend lectures, seminars and networking events to further their skills and industry network. Each individual’s efforts should be based on the right fundamentals. La Trobe / Didasko courses are designed to enhance job outcomes.

Didasko adheres to Cisco standards. While students will be trained in the use of networks and device management tools, as they gain experience, they will get real time training on how to install, configure, operate and troubleshoot a network. We strive to follow the latest, most cutting-edge trends and needs in the industry.

The learning process starts with an overview of network functions and properties. Students start with components and small-scaled, less complicated networks. The next step is to learn about the basic connectivity and switching. Our content is designed to gradually increase the level of difficulty of the tasks being taught. Over time, students are able to master bigger and bigger networks with more complications.

Creating a network is an important aspect of CCNA training. However, examining and troubleshooting a network ensures a perfect training program. Our students are asked to solve more complicated problems in IPv4 Network, IPv6 Network and EIGRP.

If you are looking for a reputable CCNA learning service provider in Australia you should consider the experienced team of professionals at Didasko. We strongly believe that technical equipment is a serious part of our students’ tuition. For this reason, Didasko is equipped with the latest equipment. Our great team of Instructors with proper technologies guarantee a successful CCNA training.

Call us on 1300 720 648 or email at, or if you are looking for a prompt answer feel free to use our live chat.

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