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Didasko and La Trobe University enjoy a unique partnership to bring you an employability-focused IT Degree incorporating Australia’s best online IT Diploma. We combine real-world specialist IT skills and the depth of knowledge needed to make you truly employable!

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An IT career is exciting and dynamic. Changing fast as technology moves. You can be a part of this in-demand industry. There are IT positions waiting to be filled right now, and we’ll support you until you get one!

Don’t assume you can only work for an IT company - from fashion to food production. Transport to tourism and hospitality – if you can think of an industry, you can have an IT role to play in it.

Gone are the days of the IT department buried in the basement – today they are a vital, invaluable part of the team in every successful organisation.

So, take the first step and enrol today. Let us help you to make your IT career a reality!

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