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Why study online?

eCampus is our online learning portal, and is a great option if you want to start studying now, need extra flexibility and convenience.

  • Create your study schedule around your commitments
  • Start now, you can start studying with Didasko on Monday
  • Study at anytime from anywhere
  • Have support from our team of experienced Academic Team
  • Access Microsoft IT Academy, eLearning and DreamSpark programs, assessments and study Vendor Certifications
  • Connect with our Career Support Centre

Benefits to studying online


Studying online means that you can access your courseware anytime from anywhere. At the start of your course, we will work with you to design a study timetable that fits your lifestyle. You won’t waste time travelling to and from your place of study and the only set study times are the ones that you have decided for yourself. Should your circumstances change, so to can your study schedule. Simply contact our friendly Student Services Team and together, we’ll agree on a new study schedule that will allow you to continue studying around your new commitments.

Student-centred approach

Because we all have our own way of learning, studying online may help as you can make sure you understand material completely before moving on to the next section.

Learn at your own pace – unlike classroom based learning, students do not have to keep up with others, and will not lose interest as areas they have a good knowledge of are re-explained.

Personalised support

La Trobe University, in partnership with Didasko, have IT courses with in-built facilities to talk with your Academic Team and peers, via online chat, phone, email and forums.


Students are looking for high quality education. Your IT Degree is designed with job outcomes in mind and, are reviewed by industry experts to ensure that you gain the skills and knowledge that IT employers are looking for.

You will be enrolled in a La Trobe University Bachelor of Applied Information Technology delivered by Computer Power Institute with the option to exit after as little as 12 months, with a Diploma of Applied Information Technology. This will allow you to continue with your studies and achieve a Bachelor of Applied Information Technology Degree or exit after one year to seek employment having completed your Diploma of Applied Information Technology.


You can access education providers, programs and courses which are not available in the area where you live.

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