Vendor Certifications
Microsoft & CompTIA

Give your resume the employability edge

Applied credibility

Completing an Applied IT Degree, as opposed to a non-Applied Degree gives you the employability edge. We have included IT Vendor Certifications into your Bachelor of Applied Information Technology to give you credibility. They demonstrate you have the knowledge and expertise about platform-specific skills.

Career development

At all stages of your career, by having relevant IT Vendor Certifications you increase your opportunities to develop your IT career. They show that you’re committed to IT due to the commitment you made to become certified. Being certified will most often provide you with an advantage over non-certified IT professionals. The specific Vendor Certifications built into your course have been selected with this in mind.

You are more likely to secure an entry-level role in your IT career by holding certifications such as Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 or CompTIA Security+.

Sitting your exam

We offer a self-paced, academic supported, learning model to prepare you to complete your certification exams. The learning involves studying video and eBook resources, completing practical activities, and summarising the knowledge and skills learned to revise. When help is needed, Instructors are available (during our operating hours) to answer your questions and provide support. When nearing the end of your exam preparation, practice tests can be completed to determine preparedness.

When you’re ready to sit the exam you need to book in at a certified testing centre. To complete the exam you need to answer questions on a computer in a monitored exam booth under exam conditions. The format of the exam varies from vendor to vendor but commonly comprises interactive question types requiring a practical understanding of the subject matter. With adequate preparation, candidates can stay calm and confident during the exam by calculating the time allocated per question, so some spare time can be reserved at the end for review. When the exam is concluded, results are provided instantly on the monitor. Successful candidates are awarded with a certificate plus other resources to promote the outcome, such as icons, business cards or other materials, to recognise the technology-based skills provided by the vendor.

With your La Trobe University qualification and Vendor Certifications, our Career Support Centre ensures you are job ready!

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